Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  At this point, you're probably wondering if you need premarital coaching, or perhaps someone has told you that you have to complete it before the ceremony can take place.  Couples who are planning a wedding often experience a lot of stress, and they may not have clearly discussed many of the important issues they bring into a marriage.  Premarital coaching can help you to address common issues (such as children, finances, relationship expectations) as well as any specific concerns you identify.


    While premarital counseling is the traditional term for this service, I find that very few engaged couples actually need counseling.  They are simply looking for a neutral, nonjudgemental space to explore their differences and to get on the same page regarding important issues.  This is vital to avoid problems in the marriage.  Of course, everyone will have differences of opinion and conflict from time to time.  However, knowing that you have a strong foundation and effective ways of communicating allows you to work through these conflicts and become more connected as a couple. 


    Many brides and grooms put a lot of effort into planning the perfect wedding, so that they can have a memorable day with family and friends.  While the wedding is an important symbol of your love and commitment, remember that the marriage is for a lifetime.  Don't just plan a happy wedding, plan a happy marriage!