During our premarital coaching sessions, we will cover a variety of standard issues, including any specific concerns that you may have.  A few of the common topics we cover are:


~Communication Styles- How you as a couple communicate your dreams, fears, gripes, and how you can do this more effectively


~Family Models- What each of you learned about relationships from your family and how to use this knowledge to your advantage


~Children- What each of you expect regarding number of children, timing of having children, how to parent children, among other topics


~Role Expectations- How you as a couple will manage the various roles such as wage earner, caregiver, house cleaner, social coordinator, cook, as well as the many other roles in a marriage


This is a short list of the many topics I like to explore with engaged couples.  Some of them you will have discussed at length, some of them you've never thought of discussing, and some of them you may be afraid to discuss.  Premarital coaching offers a safe, objective space to talk about the important things and help you to plan a happy marriage.